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The Music Man

November 4–20, 2016
The Ellicott Creek Playhouse

Book, Music, and Lyrics by Meredith Willson
Directed by Fran Newton
Harold Hill: Chris Turton
Marion Paroo: Michelle Holden
Marcellus: Chris Andreana
Mayor Shinn: Paul Bene
Mrs. Shinn: Dawn Marcolini Newton
Mrs. Paroo: Amy Sturmer
Winthrop Paroo: Matt Mysliwy
Amaryllis: Bethany Kulikowski
Charlie Cowell: Les Bailey
Alma Hix: Carolyn Quigley
Maud Dunlop: Alaina Kulikowski
Mrs. Squires: Sarah Mullin
Tommy: Andrew Tontalo
Zaneeta: Emma Gerard
Constable Locke: Jim Kendall
Conductor: Bob Brady
Ensemble:Andrea Perry
Lucas Smith
Kim Roaldi
Dan Zerpa
Sheila Brady
Chris Cummings
Samantha Eberl
Cassandra Grizanti
Adrienne Ricchiazzi
Lauren Brechtel
John Panepinto
Kids Ensemble TBA

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