NRTG Wish List

If Only We Had… Coffee Grinder

From time to time, we need specific props, furniture, building materials, or costume pieces that we can’t find, or that aren’t in our budget.
Ornate Mirror

Perhaps you can help us. If you have, or know how we can get, any of the items below, please contact us. We will be forever in your debt. Sorry, but we are looking for items to be donated or loaned to us; only in very rare circumstances can we pay for these items.

Telephone - Antique Wall Model

If you can help, please call us a call at (716) 260-2319 or send us a message from our Contact Us page.


We are currently looking for: binoculars

Venus de Milo

Thanks for thinking of us. There are no current specific items we are looking for. Check back here again as we ramp up for our next show and a specific need arises.